In this modern world, most of the people are suffered from obesity related problems because of their lifestyle and eating habits. If you are looking to follow healthy diet then you must follow low calorie diet because it is offering huge numbers of health benefits. Actually it is not complicated to follow as long as track calories of food. There are different kinds of the low calorie breakfast options are available which is suitable to both vegetarian and non vegetarian people. Some of the meals might take long time and others take less time to prepare. If you are a vegetarian then you can simply go for the perfect porridge in morning. As everyone knows porridge is healthy food and it is perfect one for breakfast. Moreover this meal takes only less time to prepare and you might also add black beans when you make this porridge because it is rich in fiber and protein.

According to the studies says that porridge is the fantastic recipe for low calorie breakfast and you can also get vast numbers of health benefits. If you are looking for the low calorie food for non vegetarian cuisine then you can go for low calorie chicken recipe. Vast numbers of the choices are there when it comes to the low calorie chicken meal. In fact almond crushed chicken fingers are one of the healthy and famous meals because it is considered as low calorie breakfast. If you are suffering from excess weight problems then you might suffer from serious health issues such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. People can get thousands of low breakfast recipes in online and try to choose the time saving meal as per your wish. When you prepare low calorie breakfast, you must avoid too much oil and spice in your food.