It is a straightforward issue that is enough, however the solution could be challenging, particularly since it depends upon what type of cranberries we are referring to: juiced clean or dry.

Fresh Cranberries

The numbers based on wikipedia are the following: dietary fiber = 4.6g sugars if we are referring to 100g of regular, natural cranberries. These numbers may confuse some people nevertheless, since as low-carb people we’re recommended to withhold soluble fiber from total sugars to determine “net carbs” that will be the number we truly worry about (soluble fiber is just a carbohydrate, nevertheless it isn’t digested therefore does not subscribe to increasing blood sugar).

Its essential to examine another trustworthy resource to determine when they record whole carbs as wikipedia lists just complete sugars and never complete sugars. To date so great, except that people seldom consume cranberries natural, we’re more prone consume them dry or to consume their liquid.

Cranberry Juice

Gram for g, quite simply, cranberry juice contains 1.5 times as numerous online carbohydrates as organic cranberries. But frequently might we consume only 95g of liquid?

An average mug keeps 253g of fluid. Utilizing a mug as our device of dimension provides us a massive 30.57g net carbohydrates for cranberry juice along with net carbohydrates for natural cranberries! Though eventually cranberries are the truth that many of the fiber is eliminated, and also a low-carb fruit, considering just how many cranberries can be used to make a simple glass of liquid, its easy to understand concentrated the sugar content could be.

Many cranberry juice has additional sugar-added to it since the real material is merely too bitter for many people’s preferences today if that isn’t bad enough. So until it is a specially prepared cranberry juice created using synthetic sweetener, you are probably better to prevent cranberry juice on the lowcarb diet.


Finally, let us consider cranberries, commonly referred to as “craisins”. Sadly, craisins that were most available are loaded for that same cause cranberry drinks are – dried cranberries are also bitter for most of US with sugar. The precise net carbohydrate count to get a mug of dry craisins depends to the manufacturer since each maker has its manufacturing method, but suffice it to express that until they’re artificially sweetened cranberries are high carb fruit.

If you should be fortunate enough to obtain a store of dry unsweetened cranberries, the web carbohydrate rely on a g for g foundation it’s still greater than for clean versions since they are smaller, so you may match more of these into 95g than you may the natural fruit.